Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friends, Food, & Dolls..Oh My

I'm still here just not posting....
I've been trying to keep to my clearing things out task. I have a lot to go but I have to take the pics to post the stuff to sell. I've never enjoyed the whole organizing thing even if it is necessary :O/ 

I took time out of my agonizing task to go out with friends for food & doll time. Any doll time is necessary. My friends Marti, Joelle, Ebony, & my sweetie John met at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. The food is delicious but must remind myself not to go eat when I'm starving LOL. A good time was had by all. We discussed the newest releases coming from Integrity, Mattel, and just new stuff in general. 

After eating Ebony, John, & I headed to Bryant Park for some doll fun. I must admit John was OK with our doll fun :O) Here are some pics. My models of choice are Eden, Annik, Adele aka Ms. One, Natalia, & Dania. Ebony's ladies are Ayumi & Darla. Our photo sessions ended early due to the heat and a sudden rainstorm. I have to shout out some talented ladies who's Etsy shops should see some business. 
Ms. One & Dania

Adele aka Ms One
Ayumi, Annik, Natalia, Darla, Dania Eden, Adele

The ladies

Fashion credits:
Annik's  awesome maxi is from Shasha of AtelierniShasha fame. 

Eden & Natalia are wearing gowns from Sweet Jasmine Designs 

Adele's dress I bought from my talented friend Shane. 

Dania's dress was also purchased at convention. Not sure who the creator is but I love it :O)


  1. Glad to see you posted. Love looking at the ladies in their finery! Hope to make the next outing! See you this week for lunch!

    1. Ebony & I made it to the park. Next time you'll be there. See you this week :O)

  2. Hey, Anika...

    Your ladies look so fine. Great to hear you were having fun with friends at the park shoot :)

    Thanks so much also for featuring Annik in the maxi dress I made for you.

    lotsa hugs,

    1. I tried to post to etsy but my pic is waay too big it says. I love it and I do have more pics coming with the other beautiful clothes you made :O)

  3. Hola desde Mexico, que bonita ropa usan, que bueno que la pasan bien en el parque, hasta pronto, espero tu visita en mi blog.

  4. Sounds like a fun meeting.

    I love your Annik and Eden dolls. Sigh. Sooo very lovely, they are. All of the outfits are attractive, but I like Adele aka The One's dress best. Thanks for sharing them with us. Course now my Integrity gals are wondering when they are going to get haute couture fashions - the 12th of Never?