Monday, April 11, 2011

Dolly Day 2011

Here are pics from the fun we had after the doll show on Saturday. Luchia wants to thank Ebony for her Harley outfit... Thank you Ebony :O) I brought some of my new ladies out to have fun. They needed to get out

My New Ladies: Flirtatious, Nadja, Lillith

Ebony's Crew

Harley is the newest. Takeo & Reese

Angie's Gurls

Mix & Mingle
Thank you Ebony
My Daisy on her new bod


  1. So let me get this straight. You guys took dolls with you to the doll show and then you went to the park to take pictures of them?

  2. Yes that's what we did..we do it every year :O)

  3. Great pictures! Love them! I heard you ran into Helen!

  4. Hey Sandra..yes I did. I was the one who called her name she looked a little lost :O) We all had fun after that

  5. Eek! Eerie ... Dollz4Moi, your Reese wearing gray w. black lace print ... I am wearing a pair of pants almost EXACTLY like that now! Only mine are longer with a bootcut bottom. Thanks for sharing your photos and the fun you have!

    Note: not whining, I ain't got no nearby doll buddies, LOL.

  6. D7ana I'd love to see your pants. I love the style of the pants. Although I can't claim Reese or her outfit she belongs to Ebony (Brooklyn Stars)