Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Day After...I've Done It Again

I had such fun at the Doll Show yesterday. I met a few friends and we caught the train that got us there before the show started at 10. I only spent what was in my budget believe it or not. I have already spent more than enough on doll goodies for this year and it's only April..LOL. Not to be stopped I picked up some bargains anyway. 

 I visited a couple of my usual sellers. One stop I spent $11 and these are my finds. The doll in white is Hollywood Nails Barbie (articulated)and I need her body for someone else. The lady in pink and black is a Pretty Roses Kayla I believe. I bought the 2 little girls for my Stacie & friends that I have. I was most happy they all came dressed and for so cheap. 

They had clothing pieces 3 for $1 and I found a couple of things including the unopened FF skirt from the same seller. 

Next seller I picked up a couple of Rement sets that I don't already own. I also picked up some clothing pieces from her as well. I spent $11 with her. 


I also managed to find a seller that had some more bargains. I picked up this ITBE Flounce head on a silkie body and this skirt for $10. Love the colors of the skirt. I will pair it with a solid color shirt of course.

I think I spent the most on my newest lady Luchia. She was $55 and worth every cent. I dressed her in the outfit from the newest Harley set. She didn't fit the boots so you'll see no pics of her feet. 

I found a seller who had some older Barbie outfits and extras. I picked up the dress because I love the color of it. The bodysuit is for one of my dancers.

Not sure if it came this way or faded to this lovely shade of green.
After the show we all grabbed a bite and some laughs. We then headed back to the city for a stop at TRU and then we went our separate ways. My friends Angie, Ebony, & I went to Bryant Park to have some photo fun with our dolls. That will be in another post.


  1. You got to love those doll shows! You got some great bargains. I am over here salivating. YOU GUYS WENT TO TRU AFTER THE DOLL SHOW?!!! You guys are definitely in my OCDD(obsessive commpulsivd doll disorder)club.

  2. Oh yeah I think I'm head of the NYC chapter..LOL. I didn't buy anything from TRU (shocker)

  3. I agree! I will have to go next time. Let me know when and where next year's is!!! Please!