Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

OK so I've gotten your attention..LOL. I finally was able to upload the software for my camera so I can take pics and post..WOOHOO. I figure that I need to get back to what this blog of mine was supposed to be about...MY Now this is not to say I won't post whatever I want but this was originally supposed to be about inventory of the ladies & gents I want to keep. There are oh so many who are going to leave this year.
Forgive me but until I get some new pics taken I have to rely on my Photobucket pics of some of my goodies. I love several different dolls and collect the ones I like. It takes some time to choose the right doll. I look at the face, the hair, makeup. I don't care too much about the clothes but price. I have several of the playline dolls from the era when playline was better than the collector line of "M". So I will be posting about Barbie, Integrity, & etc. My eclectic tastes work for me at least until I change my mind about it. That can happen quickly around here...LOL
Speaking of Integrity you know my #1 is Adele (pronounced uh-dell for some but I prefer add-uh-lay french you know ;o)  ). I loved this doll from the very first time I spotted her profile in Barbie Bazaar. I waited for a long time to get her and she was so worth the wait. I have almost every one with the exception of a couple I just didn't like..but here she is in so many ways. The photos are from Integrity when they introduced the new dolls. I'm thankful to have saved them. I also have my own pics so you can see the finished product as well

Closeup (#1)
Suited Luxury
Graphic Language

Via Venetto

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