Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping Frenzy!!

Ok so not so much of a frenzy as just some overdue fun and at bargain prices in some cases. A friend of mine picked me up the latest kids in the SIS line. I love them ( I think I did mention I collect Kelly's). What's not to love here classic Kelly faces on taller bodies. OK I think they need to improve the arms but that will come (I think..hope).

I also seem to have become addicted to erasers or CrazErasers although they're all not the same brand but hey for $1 or less I find them cute and useful. I have to say I've been a collector of some of these but never took pics of them. I mean I use these with some of my ReMent sets. A couple of these sets I started looking for after seeing them on a couple of other blogs. Like the set with the poop..LOL

I also picked up a couple of the $5 LIV dolls. They're actually another run of the 1st dolls in the series but with some obvious changes. Sophie's eyes are not the same shade of blue (lighter), wigs and sneakers are different. I didn't get the 1st Katie but I've heard that she came with the hat on which stained some dolls O_o. But hey for $5 you get some more clothes and a body donor to boot :O) The extras will go into the ever growing pile of stuff that I need to start getting rid of

I also picked up Trichelle cause I wanted this dress she's rocking. I may keep her head but a body swap is definitely in her future. I have them from the beginning but I don't want the same doll 20 times so I keep it to 3 per doll in this line. 


  1. I feel the same way about the SIS kids. I love the erasers too. I've mostly been able to find the one that look like chineses food... but that's OK! I don't really like the SIS with the bent arms. Out of all the bodies, I llke the articulation the best. It does look like you had fun!

  2. I found a couple of the sets with Chinese food. I have to remember to take pics before I open things..LOL. I'm no fan of the old karate chop arms or one bent arm..ok bent arms period. I do enjoy myself when I get a chance to shop

  3. LIV bodies for $5...Wow! I am jealous. I love the SIS kids. Zahara and Janessa have found their way into my family line. I haven't opened my new Julian, because I am still so enamoured (sp??) with the first one. I recently bought the Pastry Line Kara. I loved her hair style and color. She will definitely make her way into a story soon.

  4. I hunted for the 1st Julian because it was such a long time for a AA boy to pop up in the Kelly section. I ordered him from I have Chandra in the Pastry line too.