Monday, May 7, 2012

There And Back Again..Part II

Sorry for the long delay in posting the rest of the story. Now where did I leave this ride..hmm. KellyKon was an intimate affair (27 people / 3 tables)

Every morning I was up by 3:30 - 4:30 because I was still on Eastern Standard Time. We spent the previous nights setting up the room for the day's festivities :O) I have shots of the table setup in the pics. That is not everything we had.  I figure I will post a link to the pictures that encompass all that I did. We start with out tour of Los Angeles and ends with the final day. There are pics from auction items and raffle goodies.

I know it's a let down but I will answer any questions you may have. Just post and I will reply..I promise

KellyKon 2012 pics


  1. Thanks for this report: I had not know that there was a KellyKon. I look forward to seeing your photos.

    BTW The gentleman you inquired about is still available, if you would have him ;-D . Please send email to me at d7ana @ Thanks!

  2. Great photos! Love them all. Looks like you had a ball!

  3. I did a slide show and watched every photo! Loved seeing Hollywood as I've never been there. Many of the doll outfits were rather amazing. Such details and showmanship.

  4. Looks like it was a lot of fun. The dolls and their outfits were so cute. Thanks for sharing all your photos with us.

  5. Love your pics! This is great to see that Kelly is not forgotten. Looks like you had fun.