Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There And Back Again..Part I

Interesting title, no? I am back from KellyKon 2012 no worse for wear (or however the saying goes..LOL). This years convention Kellyfornia Dreaming was held in El Segundo, a Los Angeles suburb. This was my 1st visit to the West Coast. It was a fun but I'm so glad to be home :O) 

All in all I give the trip an 8. Loved seeing my friends. Loved the shopping (and you know I shopped..LOL). The hotel is one I would not recommend. I won't even give their name here. The majority of the staff was very flip and not very helpful with anything. My roommate and I switched rooms by the 2nd day there. The 1st room was horrible and there was no air conditioning at all. The 2nd room was much better :O)
We took a sight seeing tour on Thursday. We went to Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, & Beverly Hills. The tour was fun but our guide sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger..LOL. I swear to you his accent was so thick I thought he mentioned a robot in the Ten Commandments (movie). The tour took about 4 hours to see it all. I grabbed some pics which I will try to upload tomorrow. 

A group of us did manage to go to the Mattel Store which was less than 2 miles from our hotel on Friday. The store itself was nothing to write home about. The selection of Barbie's was mediocre at best. Imagine no Monster High dolls at all. We were appeased when we were given a 50% off one item coupon. I used mine to purchase another Elvis Barbie. Her body is too delectable to resist..LOL

The actual convention was Saturday & Sunday. I will post the fun stuff with the pictures either tomorrow or Wednesday. This jet lag is killing me. I'm off to bed again. I have to work in the morning :O\


  1. Welcome back! Excited to see the pics!

  2. Have a good sleep. Looking forward to your photos.

  3. Hello from Spain: welcome back. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. I hate going on a trip and the hotel is bad. At least you could buy another Barbie Elvis.Very good buy. Keep in touch

  4. Have a good sleep! I can't wait to know the rest

  5. Oooh, I can't wait to see pictures!

  6. I can't want to see the pics!!