Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blogging Overload..Not Really LOL

I know you're all shaking your heads at this new title. This has become a necessary thing to do. This is not pointed at anyone in particular so take no offense (I mean it). I started this blog for me and my hobby which is my dolls and toys that I love. I enjoy sharing certain things with those who do take their time out and read my ramblings. I give so many kudos to you all for this I thank you. 

My point is this is MY BLOG. I choose what to post & when. I see so many who put this pressure on themselves to keep the masses (their followers) happy. If you don't post to your blog but once a month that's your prerogative. I would hope that people choose to follow because of similar interests and love of dolls & toys. If I checked tomorrow and no one followed or read my blog my world will not end. I say that simply to say if you don't enjoy your blog or posting then stop. Anything that does not bring you joy and happiness (the same thing I know) stop doing it. I started this for me and only me. 

I don't understand others fascination with what I write here or the pictures I post but I say again THANK YOU to you my friends & followers. If you started a blog simply because everyone else is then you had no joy in this to begin with. I started again here because this time was for ME :O) I don't post as often as I may sometimes like because of life and all the things that go with it. I am starting my journey back to happy. I have way too much stuff so I am not at the happiest point but I'm still glad to have an outlet to say this. I'm honest with myself with this. 

Hang around for the ride back to my happiness & joy for my collection. I just had to say this for my sanity and if it helps any of you out there I'm glad


  1. Hello from Spain: I agree with your thinking. I also created my blog because I'm happy with the dolls. This is my hobby. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks for sharing this post.

    I agree ... I enjoy your posts when you share them. Thanks for being another doll-fan. When you don't post, I wait until you do.

    1. You gonna make me cry..sniff sniff. The same goes for your blog. While you rest I read some of your older posts and wait for the new :O)

  3. Hear Hear! I started my blog for the same reason - I luv my dollz and love to show them off!! I do it for me and me only! If others want to peruse and make comments - feel free. I check out others' blogs for the same reason, when you get a chance to blog I just wait!