Monday, November 29, 2010

Janay Love

I am a fan of different faces hence my ecclectic collection..LOL. I was in a Kmart back in the 90's and came upon a different face and was impressed. Now the 1st Janay wasn't impressive to some but I liked and I bought one and then her friends Alyssa, Jade, Tariq, & Alejandro. The only doll they never had was an Asian counterpart for Jade. I loved the diversity this line of dolls from Integrity Toys.

These are the later versions of Janay and the most popular for some. I have some pics of the earlier ladies. I will find them and post them at a later date :O) 


  1. Thanks for sharing your Janay photos.

    Aside: I think that there was a limited edition doll called Sooki who looked just like Jade around 2001.

  2. I have her too :O) I have the Icons Sooki