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2002 or Bust

We're going back in time for a moment and then on to the present. I have a love for the face from the 2002 doll. I just know this face has been enlarged and used for the Desiree from the Fashion Fever line and also in the current playline. I have a few examples of this doll starting with my 1st. I have 10 of these ladies who I love. All these ladies have been rebodied and in some cases renamed. I will keep covering the ladies in my vast collection Deanna aka 2002 Talia Carine from the TRU Cheerleaders set Target doll Nikki aka Bath Fun Nikki Taylor Tyla Desiree Yancey aka Benetton NY Happy Family Grandma's

My Randomness Abounds...

Hey is randomness a word..hmm?? I think it is..LOL. I took some of my ladies out for a long overdue photo shoot. I was and am still in some sort of state of boredom with my dolls. I mean I am starting to get interested again since I hear the voices of my dolls catching major attitude with me..LOL. There are some out there who know what I'm talking about. Here are a couple of pics of what these beauties are made for.  Anyway here are some awesome chairs I got from my friend Irma. She says she has more and I'm welcome to them. I love these pin cushion chairs. I did say my randomness abounds in the very beginning..LOL  

Shopping Frenzy!!

Ok so not so much of a frenzy as just some overdue fun and at bargain prices in some cases. A friend of mine picked me up the latest kids in the SIS line. I love them ( I think I did mention I collect Kelly's). What's not to love here classic Kelly faces on taller bodies. OK I think they need to improve the arms but that will come (I think..hope). I also seem to have become addicted to erasers or CrazErasers although they're all not the same brand but hey for $1 or less I find them cute and useful. I have to say I've been a collector of some of these but never took pics of them. I mean I use these with some of my ReMent sets. A couple of these sets I started looking for after seeing them on a couple of other blogs. Like the set with the poop..LOL I also picked up a couple of the $5 LIV dolls. They're actually another run of the 1st dolls in the series but with some obvious changes. Sophie's eyes are not the same shade of blue (lighter), wigs and sneaker

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

OK so I've gotten your attention..LOL. I finally was able to upload the software for my camera so I can take pics and post..WOOHOO. I figure that I need to get back to what this blog of mine was supposed to be about...MY Now this is not to say I won't post whatever I want but this was originally supposed to be about inventory of the ladies & gents I want to keep. There are oh so many who are going to leave this year. Forgive me but until I get some new pics taken I have to rely on my Photobucket pics of some of my goodies. I love several different dolls and collect the ones I like. It takes some time to choose the right doll. I look at the face, the hair, makeup. I don't care too much about the clothes but price. I have several of the playline dolls from the era when playline was better than the collector line of "M". So I will be posting about Barbie, Integrity, & etc. My eclectic tastes work for me at least until I change my mind about

I Know I Know

I'm back yet again. My computer crashed and I had to send it off to be fixed..LOL. Now I have to retake photos I had that got wiped out. It will take a moment but I will get it done. I'm thankful for digital cams and that nothing rare was on my hard drive. I will get back to the LIV wigs and I have to see what pics I have of them left.  I will survive this. Today is Day 1 and now I'm restoring some of my favorite links. I'm reading some of the posts I've missed on a few of my boards. I was able to get to see some of the pics from Toy Fair. There are a couple of things I I need to see the Integrity offerings if they're done yet. I'm off to get sucked back in..LOL

Loving LIV Over Here Part Deux

As I was going on about these clothes in the 1st part here are more. I am more than happy to pay the $9.99 price for these clothes. Why some may say...say it with me QUALITY. I have yet to be disappointed by the clothing packs released for this line. You get everything including the shoes O_o Wait clothing, jewelry, and a bag for $9.99. Although I'm no fan of plastic bags I do like some of the bags offered with the clothing packs. Maybe I'll post the wigs they have tomorrow. Until then...corny ain't I? LOL

Loving LIV Over Here

Okay so inspired by a few posts I've been seeing here and there about LIV. I love LIV and I've had my issues at times. I do LOVE the clothes. Yes I said it LIV clothes and accessories are as addictive as the dolls..LOL. I've been picking up the clothes for this line of dolls since I spotted them in the store. I'm a clearance queen and am always looking for what I can find there. The 1st outfits LIV released I found on clearance. I've always been slow to start but once I do fuhgetaboutit. I have pics of the awesome clothes they have since go... To be continued in Part II