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Shipping Woes

Here we go again..sigh. I sent a package through our lovely postal service last month on the 15th to France. Last Saturday I get an email from my buyer to tell me he hasn't received said package yet. I did everything I was supposed to do. Buyer paid, I printed the label and sent it out. Package was handed over to a postal employee at my local post office. The package has yet to be scanned in anywhere -_- . I so need a break here. I have a statement from the postal employee and I have the receipt from the label I printed up on ebay. I have contacted eBay, PayPal, and the postal customs unit. I'm praying for a miracle and hoping that everything I have will cover my a$$ because I don't want a charge back. The buyer didn't purchase insurance either so you see where I'm going with this right..oy vey. I know for next time to ship use Fedex.

Ebon My Muse

I an going to continue my doll introductions with Ebon formerly The Muse. She has no last name and is still a mystery in some ways. She is a Mega Model in my world. So you see Ebon is like Iman is in reality. I fell in love with the Muse the 1st time I laid eyes on her. Her name matches her skin. Ebon is simply rich sounding so it's pronounced A-bon. There should be an accent over the E. For those who haven't seen my flickr pics here they are. This lady is beautiful. She works it in anything she wears. She's a keeper for sure :O) Fashion credits: Jumpsuit: Portrait of an Era Lana Turner Sash: Foreign Affair set Shoes: Spring Forward Eugenia  Necklace: Toe ring from Claire's

Bijou & London

  I have been promising a good friend that I would post my Moxie Teenz. Here are my 2 faves Bijou & London. London came about  because I had 2 Bijou's and wondered what she would look like with different eyes :O) I have fun with these ladies and did take some pics finally. London   Bijou & London Bijou London in light London goes dark   love her Working It

Korinne "Kori" Baxter

Getting back to my convention favorites this lady was a pleasant surprise. This beauty is from Vaughn's workshop. When we entered the workshop everyone was handed a slip of paper with a hair color on it. Suffice to say I was so not happy when I received blonde >_< As we watched Vaughn's presentation of how the dolls are produced from start to finish. By the end of the presentation you see these dolls on the screen in various looks (blonde, brunette). The blonde is gorgeous and my favorite of them all. So this is how Korinne "Kori" Baxter came to be in my collection.