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Florida or Bust!!

It's that time of year again. The countdown is on for my 2nd Fashion Royalty Convention. This years theme is Tropicalia and I haven't really made an preparations except for airline & hotel. I have to shop for at least a dress or something..LOL. I will try to post a couple of times before then but if I don't you know why.  This year I made a list of stuff I'm looking for. I'm focused and I will share my list after convention. It's like playing Poker, you never show your hand. I'm also working on my travel doll(s). Not sure if I want 1 or 2 dolls this time around. I know who my 1st doll is but not sure of the other.  I hope to see a few friends and make some more friends while there. I don't remember what my table number is but I will post it. If you're going drop by and say hello :O)

Goody Overload

  As  promised (even though I'm late) here are some of the goodies I've gotten in the last few months.   I found these dolls for $8, yes $8, at the flea market. The Dennis Miller doll was $2 o_O .  Is it just me or does this guy remind you of Tom Selleck. The man says no but I see him :O). I tackled the mermaids hair and gave her a new body. I really love her even more.  Flea Market finds Mermaid after full shot  I am having a new burst of Bratz love. I adore Sasha the most and I've picked up two that are the most beautiful to me. Crystalicious & Strut It Sasha. I also bought Strut It Fianna her eyes are beautiful.  Strut It Fianna, Crystalicious Sasha, Strut It Sasha I have to give MGA a big round of applause on the newest clothing they've put out. I would love to see at least the Boho Chic dress in the middle in Barbie or Fashion Royalty size. I found all the Bratz dolls & fashions at TRU.  Ladies modeling Who else is addicted t