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Yuuka Is Here!!!

You may be saying ok who is Yuuka? The simple answer is the doll who won my heart :O) Her name is pronounced You-ka and it means Yuu means superior, gentleness and ka means flower or it means pleasantly scented depends on where you I saw her picture and had to have her. She is a OOAK former Colette designed by OSS Design. I emailed immediately to see if I can put her on layaway. She wasn't as much as I've seen some OOAK dolls go for but I went for it. She actually arrived yesterday and I am so thrilled. I have to get her a proper shoot. She's much prettier than my photos but I wanted her to be seen. The artist is DK Anderson and here's her website:

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Well since I'm assuming we're all still here I'm going back to my doll business..LOL. It's interesting and now the date is in October (still not believing) While I was out shopping I found a couple of the pre-swap head Fashionista's in the 2 pack.  I found some of the Ty L'il Ones you may have seen here or there. I have a couple coming in the mail since I can't find them in the store :O)  I found this set of Skipper & Chelsea dolls. I like that Skipper has a blue streak in her hair. The Chelsea will end up in the to go pile. I know she's cute but I have enough of the blonde already.  I won this beauty on one of the doll boards I frequent. I always wanted her and now I have her. Now I have to go through some more stuff and get it all listed on eBay this weekend. I must use the 50 free listings I get from them..

End of The World...hmm

For those who may not know at this point today at 6 p.m. the world is supposed to end according to this Harold whatever guy. I only post this to say NOT BUYING IT. But if you do I gladly will accept your money (will provide my paypal addy), definitely your dolls and their clothing too (will provide my snail mail for interested parties). :O) The flaw I see and saw in this is that there was never an established eastern, central, mountain, standard time. I also believe that it's past this time internationally. Seriously isn't May 22 there already..LOL. I am having so much fun with this it's ridiculous. I will be back later to post more doll related stuff. But I'm sayin'....really, seriously, COME ON!!  Do you really think the world would end before we get to see the next season of True Blood?  Got some doll and NDR things to do but I'll be back ;O)

New LIV Goodies

I was out & about this evening and had to shop a little. I really know I can't resist stuff that I guilt involved..LOL. I found a couple of things but these are brand new and I found them at TRU. Now TRU is the last place I find goodies so imagine my surprise to find these. I almost caved on buying a Moxie Teenz doll but I put it back. They even had some new to me so not sure if they really were. I also didn't have my camera with me :oz Here are the LIV outfits I found I went to 2 Targets on the hunt for a clothing pack that was plentiful 2 weeks ago. It's the Paris destination clothing pack. I own this set and bought it for someone else then someone else wanted one and of course they disappear..LOL. Just my luck. I also am looking around for ideas of crafts..easy crafts. I hit a couple of Walmart's as well. I will take pics and will post tomorrow. I'm tired it's been quite a day for me. I do have to be up at 6 a.

Going Back to Chicago....

Yep you read it right...I'll be back in Chicago in October. Now if that's not enough of a hint..I'm going to the Fashion Royalty convention!! October is enough time for me to get it all together. This will be my 1st time going to this and I will have fun. My girlfriends are going too. Now I should see what table we can all land at. I want a fun table of course. I must go check the convention site and see what's good :O)

Pink Week Sale Goodies

I received my Pink Week Sale items yesterday. I really restrained myself and bought 4 items. That's right you read it right 4 things. I stayed on the sale shelf and kept it under $45. I finally bought the Jonathan Adler sofa. I passed it up at least 6 times and this time with the sale and my discount it was under $10. I bought the ladies of the 80's because I wanted Joan's outfit and the shoes from Debbie Harry. I think her dress will work on someone else we will see. They were both under $10 :O) I also grabbed another Pop Life Christie. You can never have enough spare bodies... There is also another sale around September so I'll see what they have to offer then. I may misbehave a little more

I'm Baaacck..LOL

I am back from Chicago and I had a blast. I came home with more stuff than I left with..LOL. Kelly Kollectors are awesome people. I was a table hostess and I received so many goodies from my table mates. Here are some of the goodies I received Buffet Day 1 Buffet Day 2 Mini cakes we received Black Swan my Naughty Kelly prize Crochet Cutie my Bingo win One of my raffle wins Raffle win Raffle win Gift from Mattel Konvention Table Gift Hostess Doll I received Konvention Doll for 2011 Here's the link to my other pics. I'm still taking pics of all the stuff I received: