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Creatable World Takeover

Has anyone noticed that Mattel's Creatable World has taken over? Well, I certainly have. So much so that I now own five of their deluxe packages that includes a doll.  They now have single doll packs, deluxe clothing packs, single clothing packs, and wigs too. The deluxe clothing packs have variations from the deluxe packages that includes a doll.  The eight deluxe doll sets Single clothing packs  Deluxe clothes pack  Deluxe clothing pack  Deluxe clothing pack  They have been spotted at Target so far. They may be at Wal-Mart too. I'm not sure.  Have you been seduced by Creatable World?

Guess Who?

Hello again.  Is anyone still following? I didn't realize that I haven't updated this blog since May of 2018. I'm really sorry. I've been mostly active on Instagram under @Dollz4moi I'm starting the process of culling my collection. There's still a lot of stuff to go through including that I inherited my sister-in-law's collection. I'm going through the highlights of 2019. My Top Ten. Coming in at number 10 for me is the Drawn to You Misaki and Amelie from the 2017 Integrity Fashion Fairytale convention. Drawn to You Gift Set  I wanted the brunette Amelie from the set. I attended the convention but wasn't drawn to this set (see what I did there, lol). I started seeing her redressed and the hair redone and guess what? Now I needed her. When I started looking She was scarce or priced above what I was willing to pay for her dressed or nude. The set was available in the Integrity shop but I missed it. I kept watch on eBay for a bit. Still c