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And So It Begins...

I have started to list some things on eBay. I have so much more to go but I'm tired right now..LOL. I've listed some My Scene dolls to start. I will be listing some more in the next few days so keep your eyes on my listings. There are a lot of things that need to go. I know you may thinking why not use the Dollpage? I just want the stuff gone and I figure this way may be faster for me. If you're interested here's the link My Auctions

Some New Stuff In The Stores

I was out looking for nothing so I stopped by the toy department at 2 Targets. I know I know but I only bought 2 things..I swear. I found the new Fashionista's some people were looking for. I bought Artsy & Sassy.  There are another set of new Fashionista's that come with the heads included. They are cute and I just love the 80's style glasses on Sporty :O)  I didn't buy them but they're $13.49 The rest are random pics of new stuff I didn't buy either..LOL 

Monster High Goodies

Three times in one day..WOW. I know right..LOL. I have to catch up with all that I missed being down with my back for those few days. I was out and spotted all these new Monster High dolls. Now I'm not a huge fan and I only like one..that being Ghoulia Yelps. I have 3 now yes 3. I have the 1st issue, the Dead Tired version, & I picked up Physical Deaducation yesterday. I also spied the 5 pack of Gloom Beach dolls with the exclusive GB Ghoulia. I'm tempted to get this set just for her. I've included the picture of that set as well. I have no interest in any of the other dolls..odd isn't it GB 5 Pack Gloom Beach Ghoulia

Clearance Love...& Hate

Let me clarify my title for those who don't get it. I love clearance and hate it all at the same time. I love it when I find things I've held out on are marked down so much that I can't resist. I also hate when things are marked down but it's not really a bargain or I have no $$ at that moment..LOL.  I won't name any names but I was back in Target and they had certain LIV items marked down to where I had to get them or kick myself later for not doing so. I saw a couple of people with said item either in their blog or just mentioned there. I grabbed a couple of jackets now $2.98. They are too cute on dolls. I had to grab this LIV Cabana since for $6.44 it's in my budget (yes I have one..LOL).  I scanned the dolls again and found they have been marked down to $6.98 O_o. I grabbed a Hayden since she is lighter and I know someone will need her body sooner or later..LOL. The Basic 1.0 accessory set I've been looking for a while. They had it for the $14.99 so I

Slow and Steady...You Know The Rest

I had a busy day. I went to my monthly doll club meeting and I picked up my IFDC goodies. Thank God for friends who can get you things for retail..LOL.  I also have the pictures of the couple of new LIV accessory sets I saw at TRU. I thought I had more pics but I guess these were all I found that were new.     I have more goodies that have come in. I will be posting once I get the pictures together tomorrow...hehehe Got you all hooked and waiting to see ;O)

Addendum to Older Post..2002 or Bust

I haven't forgotten to post pics but my camera has other ideas..LOL. My battery is charging and I will post pics hopefully tomorrow. I am posting these pics of the 2002 facemold dolls that I love and own. My 1st post was back in February. These are a couple of pics I didn't use but they are group shots..  These are the 10 that are in my permanent collection. So if I want another someone has to go..LOL

Been Down But Never Out

Hey all I haven't disappeared. I was down with my back again :O/ . It kind of kills me when it happens but sometimes I do it to myself..LOL. I went out with friends Saturday and by that night my legs were killing me which went to the back and traveled to my shoulder..huh. It's true too true.  It serves me right for wearing brand new sneakers that I haven't broke in and carrying a bag for hours which turned into 2. We went to eat and of course with my eyes being bigger than my stomach I had a doggy bag..LOL.   All is right with me now and I can get back to my fun.  I managed to get a couple of dolls before I went down. I had dolls with me on Saturday but I didn't take any pics of them. I did see some new stuff at TRU. I will try to load pics tomorrow..I PROMISE :o)

Bet You All Thought I Forgot

I didn't forget..Here are the overdue pics from the Flea Market and my TRU buy 1 get 1 free Barbie Collector sale stuff. These were the only things I could get from the stuff they actually had included in the sale. Not that I minded one bit..well maybe a little. None of the stores I went to had any of the new collector items on the shelves. I love the outfit on the long haired Teresa doll (I assume she's a Teresa). As for Barbie in the middle not sure if she's a repro or the real deal vintage. Her body is solid, no twist waist, no bending knees. Of course Sophie from the LIV line needs no real intro. I figure her body may come in handy.  From the B1G1F sale I scored 3 Angelica's and 3 Jack Sparrows. Although I have a picture of 4. The other 2 have been opened and I will play with them this weekend. So photo shoot coming ;O) I picked up a couple of things a few days ago. I found one of the new Fashionistas. I love the sweatshirt and the boots. The sweatshirt wil

Bargain Shopping

We went out for dinner tonight and since we were in the same area as TRU you know I had to go..LOL. Actually I was asked if I wanted to go since we were out that way already. Of course I said YES. Big disappointment they had nothing I wanted. Justin Bieber dolls are 25% off the already high price. I picked up the couple that I wanted when they were $9.99 a couple of months ago ;O) .  Finding nothing there I decided to go to Kmart (since we are out there) and I found a beauty I have been coveting since last year. I've been scanning this doll at two different Kmart's for months always the same price. So even for what I knew she was or would be priced  I scanned her.    This beautiful lady came up $3.99!! I had to have John check the scanner because you know I thought I didn't see a digit. I had a START THE CAR!! moment. For those who don't know that's one of my favorite commercials. The lady thinks she's gotten away with that great of a deal so she's yell

Slight Photo Delay

Ok I admit that I was going to take pics of my latest goodies but my camera is not in the house..LOL. It's out in the car but I've already managed to get in the shower and be ready for bed. I was going to upload and couldn't find my camera. I find out from the Man that "oh I left it in the car. I'll put it in your bag tomorrow". So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I will regale you with a pic of a beauty I am slowly waiting for... This lovely lady is an IFDC exclusive that my friend Irma bought at cost for me..  I have better shots somewhere but this doll blew me away when I saw her pic. I will add them to this post when I find them

Shopping Report

I was out and about today like I stated in my previous post. We went to a "flea market" in Columbus but there was really nothing there of interest (at least for me). Of the two places that had dolls or doll related items one was waaaaaaaaayyy overpriced and the other overcrowded.  When I say overpriced when I walked into the place the woman there lets me know the dolls are 50% off. I thought wow that's great until I looked at her pricing. I'm talking boxed Mattel Elvis dolls for $150 and 50% off is still $75 O_o. All the boxed pink label dolls were priced like this $100 was one of the cheapest prices I saw and that was on a Happy Holidays doll that wasn't even the 1st one of the series. The 2nd place I found 3 items. He charged $2 for the Barbies. Now the place is like a hoarders paradise. He had some nice stuff but there was sooo much and no space for it all. You can't fit more than 3 people at a time in the place. Some of his items are priced like it was 1

On My Way to TRU

I have to go there..really I do :O) I will be buying a couple more of the Pirate dolls. Today is the last day for the Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the Barbie Collector dolls $25 and up. I have found that they have gotten through the loophole in the sale by having a lot for $24.99 and also not including "everything" in the sale. They had Basic dolls at one TRU I went to and they should be in the sale since they're part of the Collector line (even says so in the case)..but no they aren't..hmm. Seems you need to scan all those goodies in your cart before you hit the register. You may not have some of the sale items in there. To avoid any embarrassment when you scan them the will let you know that it's part of the sale. No notice then it's just a regular doll you get no free doll with it or for it..  I want at least 2 more of the Angelica doll. Like someone pointed out $20 for a pivotal is a great deal. I know I have some ladies that need a body swap around here. Don'


Happy Independence Day. I have no real plans for today but any day without work works for me :O) I will be shopping in a couple of hours but for nothing in particular. I need a couple of odds n ends. Here is an old pic of a couple of little ladies to help in today's celebration  

Daisy Experiment

Yes the title says it all. I have or say had a love of Daisy dolls of Somers & Field fame. They stopped being produced when one of the creators sadly passed away. Over the years I sold off some of the dolls I had from this line but I kept 2 of my faves. I recently posted pics of one of the dolls swapped on to an Integrity body (articulation is key for me) back in April. I was happy but the body doesn't match her head.  Since I saw a post by Limbe Dolls of a swap she did with some LIV doll heads and Moxie Teenz body a bulb went off for me :O). Would Daisy have a match among these dolls? The answer is YES.. The following pics are a result of a Moxie Teenz doll Melrose body with my Daisy's head on it. Now don't get me wrong the head and body match but there is still a little looseness around the neck. It's not huge but the head does do a bobble-head thing. It works for me :O) I will be swapping my other Daisy head onto a Moxie Teenz body. Since she's a wig d

My Scene Love

I have decided to cover some of my favorite doll lines. The original My Scene line started with Madison, Chelsea, Barbie, & Nolee. Over the years Barbie was replaced with Kennedy. Nolee was replaced with Delancey. In some cases Madison seems to have been replaced by Nia.    Madison as the black doll makes her #1 for me. Just in case you really care my choice goes Madison, Nolee/Delancey, Chelsea, Barbie/Kennedy.  There was also some others that came in to play Jai also AA from the Jammin In Jamica line. There was also Kenzie who never spoke but there were 3 dolls made of her. Lindsey Lohan made a special appearance when they made a movie. Oh well I'm no expert but here are the pics of my very favorite ladies.  I will post pics of the guys from this line in a later post. Yes there were guys too :o) Without further ado here are the ladies I love Madison's Nolee's Delancey's Chelsea's Kenzie's Barbie Jai Kennedy

Keeping My Word...

Keeping my word to myself. I have been going through my storage unit to decide what has been voted off the island. I find it's getting easier for me to let things go. I just have to get the pictures uploaded to my show & sell page :O) .  I have bought 3 of the Moxie Teenz dolls in hopes of getting a match for my Daisy dolls. I love them but they need some movement so they don't meet the demise of my Gene dolls. I have also made it clear to myself that I need to keep to my schedule. I also have made up a box of stuff that I can't do anything with so to donation they go.  Just to make this more fun here are some random shots of dolls :O) I also bought my 1st Agnes doll from my friend Marti. Love her and need to dress her and a ton of others. She's not happy that I am posting this pic of her not looking her best  I rooted in Japan Ken's widow's peak cause I like it like that I added a pic of a lot of clothes I received. I needed a couple of those repro c