Creatable World Takeover

Has anyone noticed that Mattel's Creatable World has taken over? Well, I certainly have. So much so that I now own five of their deluxe packages that includes a doll.  They now have single doll packs, deluxe clothing packs, single clothing packs, and wigs too. The deluxe clothing packs have variations from the deluxe packages that includes a doll.  The eight deluxe doll sets Single clothing packs  Deluxe clothes pack  Deluxe clothing pack  Deluxe clothing pack  They have been spotted at Target so far. They may be at Wal-Mart too. I'm not sure.  Have you been seduced by Creatable World?

Guess Who?

Hello again.  Is anyone still following? I didn't realize that I haven't updated this blog since May of 2018. I'm really sorry. I've been mostly active on Instagram under @Dollz4moi I'm starting the process of culling my collection. There's still a lot of stuff to go through including that I inherited my sister-in-law's collection. I'm going through the highlights of 2019. My Top Ten. Coming in at number 10 for me is the Drawn to You Misaki and Amelie from the 2017 Integrity Fashion Fairytale convention. Drawn to You Gift Set  I wanted the brunette Amelie from the set. I attended the convention but wasn't drawn to this set (see what I did there, lol). I started seeing her redressed and the hair redone and guess what? Now I needed her. When I started looking She was scarce or priced above what I was willing to pay for her dressed or nude. The set was available in the Integrity shop but I missed it. I kept watch on eBay for a bit. Still c

Getting Back Into It....

I'm really working on getting my blogging mojo back. I guess the ease of Instagram is working against me, lol. I post quicker and it's not so much Now don't get me wrong I love my blog. I'm thrilled to still have so many following my ramblings. I will work on posting once a week.  Enough of that. Has anyone gotten any awesome goodies lately? I went to my first flea market/thrift shopping of the season. I found some vintage ladies that need some cleaning. I have my work cut out for me with this bunch. I hope I can get them clean with the least amount of hassle. I will work on getting my list of ideas here on the blog. Until next week

Best Laid Plans...Or Something Like That

Wow, has it really been over a year since I posted here. I'm sorry it's been so long. Thank you for hanging in there those of you who are still with me. I've been doing a lot. I have been selling at a doll show and also on eBay of course. I've added to my collection (of course, lol). I made myself keep up with the selling. I still have a lot more to go through but it's been over 20 years of buying. Enough with the boring stuff let me tempt you with a sampling of the goodies I've acquired in the past 14 months. If you need more proof of all I've been up to the past 14 months check out my Flickr: New Goodies Part 2

New Year New Rules...same rules really, lol

Happy New Year!! I'm still working on clearing out. I don't know about anyone else but I find myself less motivated on the grey winter days. I start out gung ho but then laziness hits, lol. I am making myself list on eBay. This year I'm holding myself to some of the same rules as last year. I want to keep my incoming dolls to 25. I decided that 40 was too much even though I did keep to that. I'm starting this year on the right foot. I've sold some dolls already.  These are the first dolls that came in this year. I have already changed Zig Zag. I'm working on a new body for Hip Hoodie.  These ladies were gifted by my sister-in-law. So even though I didn't "buy" them I'm counting them, lol. I now own my first Prettie Girls. These are my first Integrity dolls of this year. Technically they are 2016 Integrity dolls. The Sister Moguls Giselle and Agnes are 2016 W Club exclusives. Love Life and Lace Agnes is a 2016 online event doll. F

Self Imposed Dolly Diet

Hello out there, lol. I still exist. I realized that I haven't been keeping up with my blog. My last post was in May..WHAT!? Over the past 5-6 months I've been sticking to my selling plan. This post is just explaination no pictures.  If you wish to continue please read on :O) I have put myself on a self imposed dolly diet. My doll habit has been out of control for years. I closed my storage unit and WOW is an understatement. I have an overabundance of dolls. The levels of dolls and all that goes with it have taken their toll. For those of you who don't understand let me explain. There are levels: 1. Project doll: The project doll is that doll you buy and say oh all she/he needs is a new hair color or insert fixable issue. I had way too many. I started selling them off. I had heads, bodies, and whole dolls that have left and are leaving. 2. Have to get: This is the doll you may have picked up on sale because of the shirt, dress, shoes, or whatever you needed at that mo

We Interrupt This Day With A New Post

Hello everyone. The clearing out is still ongoing. I've been listing items on ebay since I have time. I'm out on strike so on my down days I sell. I'd rather be working but hey... Not new news to some but there are new Barbie's out there. The Fashionistas now come with Petite, Curvy, & Tall bodies. My wishlist included a couple. I looked over the ladies long and hard but decided on four. My wonderful man bought me the ladies on my list to lift my spirits. This had the desired effect he was going for. These are the 4 ladies I decided I wanted with the new bodies.  They are from left to right: Spring Into Style, Dolled Up Denim, Fab Fringe, & Terrific Teal.   My favorite is the curly redheaded beauty. Imagine my surprise when I realized she really doesn't match her body.  The hunt is on for a new body. I know the MTM (made to move) seems to work but I'm not sure if that's the body I want for her. I chose two for their uniqueness.