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Monster High Madness

I have to admit to myself t hat I have a small MH addiction. No, it's not that big a deal. I love certain characters. I found out from a friend where to find the Scaris line of dolls. The y may be old new s but they are new to me. I went and found 3 that I l ove . I found the deluxe Scaris Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf, & Jinafire Long !! An early birthday gift to me :O) I love Jinafire.. her coloring is gorgeous. I like her eyes even if some consider them big. I figure hey she's a dragon so shouldn't her eyes be a little oversize? My next favorite from this line is Clawdeen. I love her and the outfit. The belt is not my favorite but her outfit is cute. I love that she has an Eiffel Tower earring. Just look at her :O)  I love Rochelle's shoes oh heck her whole outfit is tr es chic..oui? I don't need her since I like the 1st version better . This lady is going into the MH sell pile but the clothes stay Now I need to find Scaris Ghoulia &a

Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are fast approaching and I hav e t o start by saying Happy Hanukkah to everyone.  I have had a long overdue photo shoot with some of my ladies. I have been neglecting my dolls as of late so it was nice to get them out.  I visited a friend and Christmas is in full swing in her beautiful home. She allowed me to take pictu res of my ladies in & around her beautiful decorations.