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NYC Barbie Day

I have had a busy weekend. Yesterday I got together with some other doll lovers from the Barbie board. We all met at The Metropolitan Museum of Art at noon. We all went to check out the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty. It was really crowded but the exhibit was worth it. Alexander McQueen was a genius but also seemed disturbed. The setting is very dark and at some points morbid. If you've ever seen the movie The Cell with J-Lo his designs are like that.  We all brought along travel dolls too. My ladies were dressed for a day at the museum. Some of the other ladies were elegantly dressed. We enjoyed ourselves and also had a bride swap. I received a beautiful bride from my friend Isabel.   I checked out some other exhibits and just snapped some pics

Been Busy With Real Life...

Time to try to get back to the fun parts of life. I've been busy helping my Aunt (whom I love dearly) move. Moving is enough work when you have to do it yourself but helping someone else is even more ARGH.  But I will try to get some of my latest purchases photographed and posted. I also have to catch up on all the blogs I follow.  I feel the fun coming back and there is fun to be had :O)