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Self Imposed Dolly Diet

Hello out there, lol. I still exist. I realized that I haven't been keeping up with my blog. My last post was in May..WHAT!? Over the past 5-6 months I've been sticking to my selling plan. This post is just explaination no pictures.  If you wish to continue please read on :O) I have put myself on a self imposed dolly diet. My doll habit has been out of control for years. I closed my storage unit and WOW is an understatement. I have an overabundance of dolls. The levels of dolls and all that goes with it have taken their toll. For those of you who don't understand let me explain. There are levels: 1. Project doll: The project doll is that doll you buy and say oh all she/he needs is a new hair color or insert fixable issue. I had way too many. I started selling them off. I had heads, bodies, and whole dolls that have left and are leaving. 2. Have to get: This is the doll you may have picked up on sale because of the shirt, dress, shoes, or whatever you needed at that mo

We Interrupt This Day With A New Post

Hello everyone. The clearing out is still ongoing. I've been listing items on ebay since I have time. I'm out on strike so on my down days I sell. I'd rather be working but hey... Not new news to some but there are new Barbie's out there. The Fashionistas now come with Petite, Curvy, & Tall bodies. My wishlist included a couple. I looked over the ladies long and hard but decided on four. My wonderful man bought me the ladies on my list to lift my spirits. This had the desired effect he was going for. These are the 4 ladies I decided I wanted with the new bodies.  They are from left to right: Spring Into Style, Dolled Up Denim, Fab Fringe, & Terrific Teal.   My favorite is the curly redheaded beauty. Imagine my surprise when I realized she really doesn't match her body.  The hunt is on for a new body. I know the MTM (made to move) seems to work but I'm not sure if that's the body I want for her. I chose two for their uniqueness.

And So It Begins...

We have the first offering through Integrity Toys. You've all probably seen the dolls already but this is the first temptation of the year In The Mix Color Infusion dolls In The Mix: Color Infusion 2016   I love the concept and would just buy them all but new year new me. I pass on this first offering. There is so much more to come. I'm being super selective with the dolls that come into the fold. But since you are intrigued I would've bought Dree and the 2 guys, Tenzin & Callum Best Thing Ever: Dree Hill In The House: Tenzin Dahkling Turn It Up: Callum Windsor  I love Dree's look but will definitely keep a lookout for anyone selling her clothes. Tenzin would be added to my Asian man club. Callum is just giving me Adam Lambert vibes. These 3 may be added to a list for later but my get list will be very short this year. Who is tempting you or did you order 1, 2, or all 5? Inquiring minds want to know ;O)

Incoming & Out The Door...

Oh well my plan to bring just 40 dolls in this year is blown..LOL. I didn't attend the 2015 Cinematic Fashion Royalty convention but I feel like I did. Someone who was keeping track says there were 37 dolls this time out. Now I didn't even get close to 37 (you thought I did, didn't you). I picked up a few dolls from the convention but not as many as if I had attended. This is the picture of my bags of goodies  I managed to get all 4 Poppy's but have let go of 3. My criteria for who gets to stay is getting tougher. You have to beat out the ladies I have here. I loved Paper Poppy but she just didn't make the cut. I loved Go See just a bit more Paper Doll Go See Then I had Lash Out the workshop doll but she was trumped by Out of This World Lash Out Out Of This World  There is more but it must be done. I can't keep everyone as much as I would like to. My absolute favorites and loves are who get to stay. I am getting better at choosing. I wish

New Year, New Header...

Happy New Year!! I may be a few days late in saying it and a few months behind on my blog but I'm here. I've been busy selling and I notice I do have a couple of entries I haven't finished..oops, my bad. I will get around to putting them out there soon. No promises on the date but it will get done. I updated the blog photo. I do love the ladies I chose. My tastes are still eclectic (all over the place, lol) hence the mash up of cuties. I will have to add a guy or two the next time.  I have added some ladies and gents to the fold in my absence but I also cleared out quite a few. I was horrible at keeping track to see if I kept up with my limit of 40 new dolls last year. I will have to do a count and I will make it interesting. I will do a post on the dolls I did add. I will also make sure to note who left the island. The adventure will begin soon enough. If you're still here reading my journey I will say hey. If you're new to my journey I still say hey :O)