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Big Girls Rule!!

Or they do around here some of the time :O) I have found myself loving certain of the bigger ladies. I have not gone all the way to the dark side. Today I will focus on my 18" dolls. There are various lines to be found. Some of my big girls   I resisted these ladies for a long time until I spotted Taryn. Taryn is the dark skinned curly hair cutie sitting in the middle. She is from the Journey Girl line of dolls sold at Toys R Us. I was able to get her during a sale and I also had a coupon.  I believe the BFC Ink dolls came shortly before or after. from the BFC Ink I have the twins Aleisha and Noelle, Calista (AA), Yuko (Asian). The other xcurly haired cutie I call Sunny. I believe she is from the Girls On The Go line also from Toys R Us. I will try to post single pics of them in my next post.