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Kelly Lover Over Here

Ok so one of my passions is Kelly you know Barbie's lilest sister. I've been hooked since the lil cutie appeared in her crib. I've somehow amassed hundreds of these lil cuties. I can't find the pic of my 1st one but here are a few others. These are pics from my very 1st KellyKonvention and my quads.

A New Beginning

Here is the spot where I've decided to start my inventory of my collection. This should be something..LOL. These are my own notes on my dolls. You may get bored but then again I did say this was for me. If my blathering bores you then by all means move on...really. If you hang around you too will see the madness & joy that is my collection. I've been a collector since 1995 when I was struck by the Barbie bug. I was walking in TRU looking for a gift for my niece.  Suddenly I spotted a Tropical Miko and I was in love..ahh. She was the 1st beauty to come home with me and then it was on. Now my memory can be off on this since I have so many dolls but I remember picking this gorgeous doll up :O) Here she is redressed in one of my favorite outfits. I can't remember the name but I love the bodysuit and there was a parka or fur coat as well. I'm sure she'll get dressed in something else when I find the time..ciao for now