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Going to Be MIA Until After Convention

Hey everyone :O) 'Member me..maybe you don't, LOL. I'm sorry about my absence but I've been getting it all together for Chicago. I haven't picked up my camera in a couple of weeks. I am getting much attitude from my dolls at the moment. They are feeling the neglect. I promise I will be back to usual when I get back on the 9th..well actually the 10th :O) I have been keeping up with everyone else's blogs. I just haven't commented on everything though.  I'm still looking for a couple of things and I am done. I have one final check in with my friends who are also going to the FR convention tomorrow. Anything not done by Tuesday won't get done and will be scratched from the list. Thank goodness I had some time to prepare or this would be a race of ginormous proportions. I'm glad I did most of my prep ahead of time :O)

New Finds May Be Old Finds

I was shopping (I know yes again..LOL) and came across some items that were really bargains. I went to TRU where I was happy to find my old friend the orange clearance sticker. I would find several items years ago with this sticker and get goodies for a quarter of the price.  I'm really trying to behave with the convention coming in 3 weeks but they keep throwing these things in my path..LOL I so wanted this record player that came with this repro. Imagine my surprise when I not only spotted what I wanted but the doll was inside for $9.90. As you can see from the box and this sticker someone must've kept helping themselves to different pieces..LOL. I was in Kmart as well and they had clearance heaven too..LOL. I got these 2 Repros as well. I couldn't pass up on this one since it wasn't in the system they gave it to me for $18 o_O  That's really all I bought except for the 4 dolls I bought from the Integrity sale... Ok and I got this hunk f

Busy Busy Busy

I survived Irene and thank you to all who posted. Glad that we all made it through with minor scrapes and some none at all. I've been so busy that the pictures I want to post have been pushed back. I know you're thinking why not post them now since you are here..LOL. I can't post them now since I seem to have misplaced my USB cord. This is what happens when you clean or at least it does to me..hmm. I will find it and pictures and posts will be made. I am having fun following the blogs I love though. Time to catch up. I will have tons of dolls that need new homes. I am not even going to get into the clothes o_O. Not even sure when I bought it all but it's all here. This will take a moment but I will make it through this. No pity but lot of hope that this will be done..LOL