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Containers, Boxes, & Bags..Oh My

As I go through my massive collection I've noticed an ongoing theme containers, boxes, & bags. Over the years I've bought varying sizes of containers for storage of dolls, their clothing, & furniture. I also noticed that I accumulated several plastic bags. In my earlier attempts of organization the quickest holder was a plastic bag. When I look around I notice an abundance of plastic bags and let's not forget those cardboard boxes. We're all guilty of using that box that other dolls came in to hold other dolls. As I open containers, boxes, & bags I find some items I've been searching for and others I thought were sold. To refresh my memory this was my starting point when I opened my door of horrors. This was the result of letting a non-collector "help" me store some things.     No one loves your collection like you do, unless you should have another collector as your signifigant other. Once I opened my eyes and started this task I

Shopping Faux Pas...Maybe

OK so I've been behaving myself lately. I joined The WClub (of course I did) but decided against Barbie Collector this year. I've had a steady love affair with the pink aisle since 1995. Lately I have felt no love for what has been offered in the Barbie world. I have been able to resist buying a lot of the offerings for a while.  So my faux pas falls into the 60% off clearance sale going on @TRU. Now wait before you chuckle and say she went on a binge I knew it.  I did but a small one of sorts..LOL  I was only looking for Neighthan Rot when I went in.  As you can see I found him and some other things :O) I had to get Jasper once I checked the scanner price and it said $10.80. I love his hair, I was looking for Emmett too at this price. I wanted the Divergent guy but definitely didn't like his original price tag. I was led to him by a post on one of my groups saying they were on clearance for $13.48 O_o The vending machine I have an idea for (the man made me buy