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Obtaining That Grail

I have had the pleasure in the last year to add a "grail" doll or two to my collection. I must preface this by saying I just replied to a question in December stating "I no longer have a grail list" LOL. I came across these two beauties this month by accident. In the '90's I loved all things Barbie. I still have a twinge here and there for my girl. At the end of 1999 there was a Classical Goddess Collection showcased. I say 1999 even though everything says 2000/1. I remember the pics of the Goddess of Spring. I fell in love with all that long curly strawberry blonde hair Promo Goddess of Spring  Can you see the gorgeous there. The finished product was not the same as the promo pic. I wasn't in any rush to buy her. When Wisdom was produced I still didn't jump. I don't know why I didn't get them then.  Fast forward 14 years and I found her. The price one ebay had to be a mistake. I won't say but I put her on watch immediately. I had


I was on the Facebook ( inside joke ) LOL and I thought about how I came to finally love Poppy Parker. I have tried since Poppy Parker first debuted 5 years ago. I remember when I first saw her. I wasn't impressed. Now before I get a bunch of backlash over that this is my story so there. I honestly didn't like the first couple of years of Poppy. I liked some of the clothing but I still didn't jump on the bandwagon. If I'm being honest Poppy always tends to be first on my to go pile.  Let's fast forward to 2013/4 and the Poppypalooza love fest began.  I was sorting through my collection and found my In The Air Poppy from the 2011 FR Convention.    My first impression after seeing her again after so long was she's beautiful and she needs a change. Most of the Poppy's I keep get a new body. I like them on Victoire or NuFace bodies. Ayr ( her new name) and Sebina are waiting for bodies   Here are all my current Poppy's. I had more but I sold

New Year Beauty

As promised or at least I think I promised to show my first doll of the New Year. Actually she was a gift from the man. She was delivered to my job this morning. I fell in love seeing this lady and I tried to resist ( not really hard ). I'm so glad HE LISTENED and ordered the right doll. I love an awesome surprise :O) A La Maison I love this lady. A La Maison Victoire Roux is the first doll of 2015. I love her face and the attitude she exudes. She's haughty and exudes that "IT" factor for me. Maybe it's the hair but I can't wait to play with her. Her accessories are simple and nothing spectacular. Her silver heels, pillow, & magazine are included.                                           

It's Been A While...

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. I allowed myself to get sidetracked by all sorts of things. I was ill for a moment but I have been adding to my collection. I think I added quite a few dolls to the mix as I recovered. I will say that 2014 was a very good year for me. I know I said I was ill but it was still very good. I made no resolutions for this year. I have promises I made to myself from last year to finish. Here is a not so great picture of some of the additions I got the idea from one of my Flickr friends who posted a pic of his 2014 dolls. I joked that it will take more than one picture for all that I added. This is not everything either. Believe me I have a lot more stuff slated for the GO PILE. Here are a couple of close-up's since you asked :O) I know you did...         I traded for quite a few of these beauties. I also did a lot of bargain shopping. I will be showcasing some of these in posts to come in the year. My last